Innovative Marketing

reconceptualization of avenues

We transform Venues & Branding concepts

We specialize in the rebranding and development of nightclubs, bars, and restaurants, leveraging the power of influencers. Our unique approach involves collaborating with influential individuals who align with the brand of your avenue. Our influencer is handpicked specifically to enhance your customer outreach

On top of using the very acquired taste of influencers we use our own network with experter within gastronomi, mixologists, artists, music creator, art directors, interior designer and content creators.

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Comprehensive Growth Packages for Venues

We offer two comprehensive packages designed to facilitate avenue growth. Clients can choose between a one-time package or an extended collaboration with a reduced monthly fee for a duration of six months.

Instant Venue Makeover

Brand Makeover

Dive into a transformative experience tailored for immediate impact. This one-time package offers a comprehensive strategy to elevate your venue’s appeal and profitability.

Custom Strategy

We take the time to understand your needs, creating a tailored plan. This strategy enhances your company’s profile and amplifies brand awareness.

Fluffi Growth Partnership

Influencer Amplification

A six-month collaboration focused on growth and more customers coming from social media. Benefit and enjoy reduced monthly fees and get a new refreshed approach to reach your target audience.

Events for Engagement

Elevate your brand’s connection with events designed for maximum engagement. Through immersive experiences, we amplify loyalty and brand affinity.

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