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Fluffi was born in 2022, she arrived to planet earth absolutely ready to party and turn the Tiktok and Instagram feeds upside down with great content. Our team is dedicated to bring your company to new digital heights and bring innovative and modern advertising that will move the needle.

Our story ↓

Our love for openness is what made us start Fluffi, we were tired as clients of buying overpriced influencer marketing from tired agencies. Hence we figured out how the process should really work, starting backwards with what you actually get.

James Simonsson and Maria Holmgren worked together at a startup and found a common ground in how they viewed influencer marketing, that eventually after many meetings led to the starting of Fluffi Agency.

James simonsson
James is a profile within Stockholms nightclub and music industry with a broad network.
He has seen influencer marketing from the Influencers perspective in many years.
Maria Holmgren

Maria is a marketing professional that has proven to deliver results for big companies to up and coming startups. 

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